Christmas Cake Decorating Party



The happiest thing in the world is to eat, eat, eat… In the run-up to the Christmas season, Aqua took the dearest tenant to experience the fun of cake decorating on 9th Dec. Nearly 20 international families joined the event and celebrated the fabulous time together.


Following the cheerful Christmas songs, participants are led into a dreamlike scene. A warm fireplace standing beside golden shining Christmas trees, a winter sky with cotton candy-like clouds, elegant snowflakes and luminous stars hanging off the lights. The Christmassy atmosphere fulfills the whole Aqua Club. 

Snowflakes, like silk cotton

Wake the night up

Speckling stars decorate our smiles

Christmas Eve has been quietly lit up

By Christmas lights and holy candles 



For Christmas event this year, tenants were required to make a poinsettia Wreath Cake. To simplify the process of cake decorating for participants, crewmembers prepared colorful buttercream, as well as a 6' sponge cake in advance. With piping nails and bags, we were all ready for the event. From making the base to each petal, every step was taught in details. Although for beginners, the decorating process is hard, all participants show their patience and finally make their own buttercream flowers. When seeing the crimson poinsettia, charming roses blossoming in their hand, all the people are delighted.


After cake decorating, Santa Time brought the event to the climax. Santa Claus sitting in front of the fireplace near Christmas tree with a bag full of presents and a wish list. Kids were so excited to talk to Santa and all ran to him to find out if Santa brought gifts to them. As our Santa said, he always prepares enough gifts for all good kids, and, without exception, all kids finally get their precious gifts.


Hope this ceremonious Christmas event

became one of the most precious memories

in your life this year

Let us looking forward to our special

Christmas celebration next year!