Aquaspace Thanksgiving Painting and Craft Event


There are so many things to be grateful for in life, that being your parents' unconditional love, the continued support, and encouragement from friends, the sincere affection of a partner. We can show gratitude in many different ways: to friends, it may be a simple greeting; to parents, it may be a warm dinner; to our partners, it may be just saying "I love you".




We recently organized a painting & craft Thanksgiving event for our tenants. It didn’t require any advanced painting skills, as long as they came with an open heart. During the event, our tenants expressed gratitude to the people they love through their paintings and handicrafts. In order to make that possible, we provided oil painting tools for each family and a variety of handicraft materials for the younger children. We invited a professional painting teacher to give them on-site painting guidance and teach the tenants how to oil paint, step by step.

Even though many participants did not have any painting background, they gradually mastered how to do it by practicing and listening to the teacher’s explanation. From the moment they made their first rough drafts to the moment they finished coloring, they carefully choose their favorite colors and mixed them with others, pouring their feelings into the painting, and creating amazing artworks.


When we talk about Thanksgiving, we have to have turkeys, so we prepared a big “turkey dinner”, with a big paper turkey and a dozen candy-stuffed legs, which the kids loved!



There was also a Thanksgiving tree, which symbolized a parent’s love. At the beginning of the event, children and their parents put some leaves on the branches of the tree, each representing the deep love of their family. After they finished their paintings they took pictures with their artworks under the tree.



To create a cozy living experience and enrich the community life, we organize monthly events and look forward to meeting our new tenants. Our next event is a Christmas party on December 9th. Please follow our WeChat account and get updates and event invitations in the next week。