2017 Aqua Castle Halloween Party

There are more entrants in the costume contest this year than ever before and many excellent ones. Any guesses what they were? And the awesome costumes only got better as the party got going, with guests arriving at their favorite superheroes, video game characters, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Wizard, Báthory Erzsébet and many others in an ensemble cast of partygoers and troublemakers, Halloween Party chronicles the drama going on in and around the titular party. However, before you step into the castle, you have to pass through our horror lobby, where is decorated with lots of spiders, for courage test.
The opening round is musical chair. The game was getting more competitive with players from orange team narrowed to one.
Quick play: there are three rounds in Quickplay. 6 players from each team need to complete three rounds as quickly as possible. The team would lose if they use longer time than another team. When there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. After a short break, our players are all back to the field and get ready for more challenges.
Eating cotton candies has never been so fun! Player wags head and tries to eat his or her cotton candies hanging off the hats. The amusing moments marks the highlight of the event. After sweet cotton candy treats, it is time to get exercises! 4 jumpers need to finish 15 jumps in rope skipping the game. It doesn’t have to be continuous, but still, our little players are facing big challenges. X People, Y Feet is a game which requires intelligence and motor coordination. The players also did the excellent job on finishing all three instructions given by the host. 
If you like to play fun twist, don’t miss Do the Opposite! The players are to do the opposite of the directions the leader gives. Watch your step! It is time for stomping balloons! Players need to stomp the opponent’s balloons while protecting your own at the same time. Orange vs. Black, now bring it on!
Last but not least, mystery boxes and candy treats are always Halloween best friends! We love to see kids’ faces light up when they see their favorites. The kids had fun and so did the parents. 
Good games, good friends, and a good time – but fun is not over, follow up our official account with more upcoming events in November!