Breeze, Scent, and More Importantly, Aquaspace Aromatic DIY Candles

With the tender breeze and scent of flowers, Aquaspace Aromatic Candles DIY event was held for our tenants in Yanlord Garden on last Saturday. A magic chemical effect between flowers and aroma essential oil spread at Aqua Club. That must be the smell of spring. 



Check all materials and understand their functions are always the first to do for any DIY activities. Every tenant concentrated on his or her own material. Without any prop issues, our DIY official started! Everything may be tough at the first trial; however, with the demonstration from our staff and tenants’ mutual help, participants solve their problems. During this whole process, the club was filled with laugher and joy.





A good-looking candle always goes with elegant decorations. A variety of accessories had been prepared for our tenants, pressed flowers, hemp string, pearls and so on. Also, examples of accomplished work help to provide creative ideas. There is no doubt that all our tenants are just born with own art gift. Their creative handicrafts are just amazing. 




At the end of the event, our staff provided some practical tips and presented tenants how to utilize candles in an effective way. 




To enhance company service quality, build a communication bridge between Aqua tenants, and enrich community life, Aquaspace starts to provide meaningful tenant events on weekends. We welcome all our tenants come to join. Please follow our official wechat account for more event information, also, if you have any suggestions and questions, please contact us via wechat.