Who We Are
The AQUASPACE GROUP is comprised of Aquaspace Investment & Consulting (Shanghai) Co., a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise registered in Lujiazui, Shanghai in 2007, and the companies Aquaspace has launched since its inception, which include: Aqua Property Management Company – property management services, long-term leasing and short-term rental services; Aqua Property Agency – property sales brokerage services; Aqua Design Company – interior design services; Aqua Media Company – VANTAGE SHANGHAI magazine published in partnership with China Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House and other Vantage brand services; Aqua Travel Agency – travel and teambuilding event planning services; and Aqua Club – a private event venue located in the heart of Lujiazui.
What We Do
Our mission is to provide a variety of first-class diversified, integrated services to our clients.
* Providing the best work environment for our employees
* Developing diversified businesses to enhance our service portfolio
* Providing top-quality service that we continually improve
* Answering customers' requirements warmly
* Giving back to our community and protecting our environment
* Achieving financial goals fundamental to our long-term success
A Timeline of Diversification and Grow
Aquaspace, Aquaspace Group and Aqua Media headquarters move into Shanghai Tower.
Aqua Property’s managed units now have an estimated value of more than RMB 5.5 billion.
Aquaspace Overseas Investment Division holds its first oversea property investment seminar.
VANTAGE SHANGHAI distribution now reaches 14 major cities and circulation reaches 128,000.
Aquaspace establishes Aquaspace Overseas Investment Division.
Aqua Media signs VANTAGE MAGAZINE publication agreement with Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publishing House.
Aqua Property now manages 350+ units with estimated value of more than RMB 4.3 billion.
Aqua Media’s VANTAGE SHANGHAI expands distribution and increases circulation to 120,000.
VANTAGE SHANGHAI launches Aqua Arts Foundation.
Aqua Design Company established as wholly-Chinese owned company.
Aqua Bar & Restaurant is relaunched as Aqua Club.
Aqua Property now manages 300+ units with estimated value of more than RMB 3.5 billion.
Aqua Property is VIP Guest Room Provider for 2012 Shanghai ATP World Tour.
VANTAGE SHANGHAI begins bimonthly publication; distribution expands and circulation jumps to 80,000.
Aquaspace launches Aqua Charitable Trust (“ACT”).
Aqua Travel Agency established as wholly-Chinese owned company.
Aqua Property is VIP Guest Room Provider for 2011 Shanghai ATP Masters and 2011 F1 Chinese Grand Prix.
Aqua Property now manages 240+ units, with estimated value of more than RMB 2 billion.
Aqua Media Company established as wholly-Chinese owned company; publishes first VANTAGE SHANGHAI magazine, with initial circulation of 25,000.
Aquaspace serves as VIP Guest Room Provider for 2010 F1 Chinese Grand Prix.
Aqua Property Management Company established as wholly-Chinese owned company; launches long-term leasing and shot-term rental services.
Aqua Property Agency established as wholly-Chinese owned company.
Aquaspace begins providing administration and management services to other Group companies.
Aquaspace was selected to publish the official Shanghai EXPO VIP magazine.
Aquaspace was selected by Shanghai government to be Shanghai EXPO Distinguished Guest Accommodation Provider.
Aqua Bar & Restaurant opened.
Aqua Media comapany was established.
Aqua Design company was established.
Aqua Property signed its first long-term property management contract.
Aquaspace completed purchase of its first 50 residential units in Lujiazui.
Aquaspace was founded.
The quantity of Aquaspace Group’s real estate assets increased from 50 to over 500, at an annual increase rate of 60%.
There were only 5 employees when Aquaspace Group was first launched in 2007. In 2012 the number of employees increased to 100 and further expanded to 150 in 2017.
In 2017, our annual revenue reached 100 million RMB.
Since we entered China in 2007, Aquaspace Group has opened 3 offices. Our headquarter moved into Shanghai Tower in 2017.
The majority of Aquaspace clients and partners are from Fortune 500 companies involved in industries such as finance, banking, legal, oil & gas, engineering, IT, pharmaceutical, consulting and entertainment. Our exceptional service standards have attracted a devoted clientele that are mostly from across Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.
In addition to a widespread direct client base, we also work with a range of established travel management companies and real-estate agencies worldwide. We are grateful for the trust given by our partners and clients throughout the years; their continued support is the basis of our business and the inspiration for our future development.