AJ0019 > Customer Care Officer

The ‘Customer Care Officer’ is the direct contact between our property management division and all the VIP clients living in our apartments. These customers are mostly foreign managers at Fortune 500 companies, although we do have some Chinese stars and celebrities as well. Initially your job will mainly be dealing with the day-to-day problems receiving from our clients who residence, and delegate these issues to our support team to sort them out A.S.A.P. If the problem can’t be solved, you will report to the supervisor immediately.


Job Responsibility

Pre-check: apartment preparation

1. When assigned a pre-check case, you will need to do thorough pre-check- and make a task list, according to which you will assign tasks to different departments on a reasonable schedule. The key is to make sure the apartment is ready on time.

2. Prepare needed documents for check-in during preparation.

3. Efficient communication with different department is essential, and also following the standard work procedures.


After sales service

1. Be the customer service representative for a selection of our VIP guests.

2. Record all tenants’ inquiry and problems after check-in

3. Help tenants to solve apartment problems in a timely manner

4. Explain and abide by our company policies.


Vacant apartment check

1. Regular check-up of vacated apartments

2. Deal with any issues that need repair or change, working with the support and purchase team.



1. Responsible for the paper work, like filing and recording of customers’ files

2. Have a good communication with other departments, especially with the support team, housekeeping and purchasing department.

3. Have a good coordination and communication with property management and vendors, and support company to have a good cooperation with them.


Job Requirement:

1. University or College Degree (degree course is flexible, but should ideally include English courses)

2. We welcome candidates with a degree course in Law, Finance, Management, Marketing or any of the Art subjects. All these subjects have elements that are useful for this position.

3. Excellent English skills (spoken and written) CET 4 above

4. Warm and friendly personality (and the ability to deal with people from many different backgrounds)

5. Full of imagination and creative energy (and optimistic about the future!)

6. Hard-working, brave, disciplined and loyal (and looking for a long-term career)



1. Competitive starting salary per month RMB 4,000; plus Standard Company benefits.

2. All employees are eligible to receive an annual performance-related bonus based on their own performance, and the company’s overall results.